Walker Family

This family.. <3 I first met and shot the Walkers two years ago, over in Windmark Beach. Not just these four... but their entire family! I captured their day as they cooked out and sat on the porch with their little ones, giggling and painting easter eggs. It was one of those perfect vacations days, finishing with a sunset bonfire on the beach and an acoustic guitar. My favorite memory from that day was actually with Nate's mother, when I was taking her portrait in one of the adirondack chairs, where she told me how happy it made her to see all of her kids and their families together in one place, and how wonderful all of her children grew up to be. There were happy tears. It was very sweet.

And Grandma was right, she has some pretty great kids, and grandchildren. Namely these 4, who I am glad to see pop up in my Facebook and Instagram feed regularly... it's nice to see the boys grow up, even if it's just a photo here and there. Atticus and Finn are full of personality, and definitely have that special brotherly bond. Also, Finn totally looks up to Atticus in the sweetest of ways, and I was lucky enough to even catch a bit of him mimicking his older brother's mannerisms... it's those subtle moments that I think they'll look back on with the most fondness.

This year we shot in Seaside, a favorite family vacation spot, where they chose to spend their 10th anniversary (!!!) this year. There was a lot of giggling, a little wrestling ('parent' is just a shorter word for 'jungle gym,' right?), and even a few sweet moments between mom and dad... which are some of my favorite shots to get. You know that with 2 kids with that kind of energy they don't exactly get a lot of moments to focus on the two of them. It's nice be able to showcase the two people who made this little family possible in the first place. <3

Here's to another decade, and many more to follow!

From the Walkers:

'Desiree was able to make two middle-aged, worn out parents and two kids who quickly tire of picture-taking look flawless! Our latest session was our second with Desiree, two years after our first shoot...and her incredible skill has further grown from that initial shoot. Thanks for helping us capture the essence of our kiddos as they grow up!' -Lee

'Desirée is so talented and a joy to work with. We love seeing the beautiful moments she has captured of our family. Thanks again!' - Nate