Boo Boo


Sometimes you just have to have mini photo shoots with your dogs.Because yeah, they're like my kids. Whatever.

This is Boo Boo, my lady dog who likes to go on adventures with me. Harvey was not cooperative this day, which is totally unlike him when it comes to pictures. This day they were opposites. Although, Boo Boo is getting better. She used to HATE cameras, almost as much as her own farts. Now farts are definitely the front runner.

(P.S. She love love loves hanging out in the middle of the yard and just sniffing the air. What a sweet lady.)panama-city-beach-30a-wedding-photographer-family-boudior-desiree-gardner panama-city-beach-30a-wedding-photographer-family-boudior-desiree-gardner panama-city-beach-30a-wedding-photographer-family-boudior-desiree-gardner