Ashley & Pat


Tradition is what you make it. 

Ashley and Pat's wedding was one of my favorites of the year. Yes, they're beautiful, kind, and have souls made of adventure... but mostly I love them because they do whatever they want. And that really speaks to me.

Their non-traditonal day started quietly on Cape San Blas, in the beach house they rented for the wedding weekend. They had champagne and helped each other get dressed. They looked at each other with more peace and love than I think most of us find in this lifetime. It was a lovely day.

Ashley's dress was short, pink, and perfect. She grew the succulents for her bouquet. And no diamond for this girl- her crazy-gorgeous ring is aquamarine, and was designed by Pat.

Their friends and family gathered on the beach, and the two came down to share their vows on a romantic, breezy October day.

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They ended their day by setting up their amazing rooftop tent under the stars and letting me take the few last pictures of them (I wasn't kidding about the adventure part- I kind of want them to adopt me and tote me around with them...!). It was VERY cool.

As a wedding photographer, I have seen all kinds of crazy wedding days. And for some, I don't think they could imagine their wedding going any other way. They want the white dress, a team of best friends standing there with them, and a party for all to remember. Your wedding day itinerary is up to you, plain and simple.

This was their day. And I don't think it could have gone any other way for them, either.

Groom's ring - aide-mémorie jewelry Bride's ring - designed by groom at Pav & Broome Diamond Jewelers Florist - A Design by Dorann Dress - BCBG Suit - Men's Warehouse

Ashley's review:

Our wedding in Cape San Blas, Florida was a destination wedding for us, since we live in Mississippi. Finding and communicating with vendors is tricky when you're planning a wedding long-distance. Desiree was readily available to answer questions via text, email, and Skype. She's up front about her pricing and packages, very clear about what to expect from her services, and is a complete professional in every sense. Her variety of package options was good for us, since we didn't need a full day of photography services for our small wedding. 

Desiree's the kind of photographer that will make you feel comfortable instantly (even if you aren't used to being photographed or hate being in front of a camera!) We had a mini session a few days before our wedding so we could get comfortable with each other, and this helped immensely for putting us at ease on our wedding day. One thing I appreciated was that she communicated with us throughout our wedding portrait session to get the best angles and light to make us look our best in the finished photos. She even gave tips to our family members on how to stand and pose, which isn't something every portrait photographer does. We couldn't be happier with our wedding photos and her quick turnaround (she gave us our images about 3 weeks after the wedding- super fast!) Best of all, Desiree is easy and fun to work with!