Jones Family

I may or may not tear up while writing this.... because this sweet family, that I have been photographing since the beginning of my business, is moving to Oklahoma soon. I tried to tell them about the tornadoes. But they're pretty insistent. The first time I photographed this family was when Katelyn was just a baby, and, if I recall correctly, had just barely learned to sit up on her own when we shot at their new home in Panama City Beach. Now she can communicate in full sentences, and has all of the sass and independence you'd expect of someone raised by two wonderful people, like Liezl and Jason.

Surprisingly enough, this was the first time we took any photos on the beach. We did it the right way, of course, by heading to Seaside to spend some time wandering around the shops area, before heading down under the tower to enjoy the sunset on the soft, white sand. Katelyn did a remarkable job of not getting her sparkly pink skirt wet, too. It was pretty adorable.

And... let's all give Jason a round of applause by keeping Liezl laughing using the age-old technique of.... licking her face! Worked like a charm.

To this sweet family, I fully expect Emerald Coast beach vacations to be a regular occurrence in your future! Especially during tornado season.

From the Jones Family: "Where do I even begin? We have had the privilege of shooting several sessions with Desirée and she continues to amaze us with her creativity and craft. She is professional, fun, and PHENOMENAL!"