family session guide

session types - investment - what's included - how to book - FAQ - fine print



digital files in an online gallery (accessible for 10 years)
a print release for images up to 11x14 outside of your gallery
prints from professional lab ship directly to you, rates are below


S-  2-5 people  -  $450

minimum of 40 edited images


m  -  6-10 people  -  $650

minimum of 50 edited images.


L  - 11-15 PEOPLE  -  $850

minimum of 60 edited images
$25/person for everyone after 15


Full galleries are delivered within 30 days.


upgrades to any session

If you want your full gallery within 5 days, let me know, and add $100 to your total.
(otherwise, full gallery delivered within 30 days)

Want more? Let me know when you book your session that you want a little bit extra! 
+$200 gets you an additional 20 images, plus a little extra time to snap 'em.... :)
This is an especially useful option when you're wanting two locations (that require driving).

If you’d like to add event coverage to a family session, it’s at a discounted rate of $150/hr.
This add-on coverage rage is only for the L family session.
(note: depending on number of hours, expedited delivery might not be possible)

travel sessions

For shoots that are in other cities:
Normal session times do not apply, as light is very different in most metropolitan areas.
We also need to accommodate location changes, and/or working around other people.

All sessions shot within large cities are automatically upgraded to include the additional time.
2-5 people - $650
6-10 people - $850
11-15 people - $1050

These sessions can still be upgraded, as well, for the same $200 fee as above.

Additional (and applicable) travel fees apply, such as flights, car rental, train tickets, and accommodations.

time & location

Almost all sessions are shot in the 60-90 minutes of light leading up to sunset (weather permitting).

Most sessions are shot in area state or city parks, and some require small entry fees, generally per vehicle.
This fee is totally worth it, since there are normally less people, buildings, and distractions... plus they’re beautiful and well-kempt.
It's also a blast to shoot in some of the amazing little towns we have around here, like Seaside, Rosemary Beach, and Historic St. Andrews.
Please let me know which images in my portfolio are your favorite, and why!  
(or send me a link from my Instagram or Facebook)

Investments above are for locations within Bay County, and part of Walton County (up to the west end of 30A).
There is a $100 travel fee for surrounding counties, additional fees for locations more than 2 counties away from 32408.


how to book

I'm so excited you want to book! Here is the info on how to do that! 

If you haven't already, email me your date range, with your first and second preferred shoot dates, so I can make sure I can accommodate your session.
(or as soon as possible if you've requested this information before having a date in mind.)

If you’re vacationing, try to pick one of your first nights.
If I'm traveling to you, I will need one full day with similar weather to scout, and we will shoot on the second day. 
We will need backup date options because weather is so unpredictable.. and hey- stuff comes up and we’re both super understanding, of course!  

Getting on the calendar requires you give a credit card number or pay for your session in full.
By doing this, you understand that if you cancel there is a 40% non-refundable booking fee that will be charged to your card, or not returned if you pay in advance. 

Payment for session is due the day we shoot or before. You can pay with a check, cash, or your credit card (there is a fee for electronic payments, details in 'fine print').

Want your pictures in 5 days or less? Let me know, and ask to have your session expedited for an addtional $100. 

NOTE: dates cannot be reserved without a signed contract.
Receiving multiple inquires for similar dates is very common, and it is DGP policy that the date goes to the first signed contract.


tips & FAQs

Don’t forget the sunscreen, because normal skin tones are important, and sunburns hurt! 

Outfit changes are fine, but try to keep it to 2 outfits total. Layers are a great way to add looks without losing time.

Coordinating is always better than matching. Take a look through my galleries at the outfits. 
If you need or would like assistance choosing outfits please feel free to text me directly. 

Steer clear of large logos, screen prints, and small stripes (they warp when displayed digitally). 

Neutrals like cream, black, denim, khaki, chambray, and plaid tend to stay in style and are always a good choice.

When choosing  colors try to go for one with descriptors such as 'dusty,' 'muted,' 'antique,' or 'grey-_____,' 
like 'dusty blue,' 'antiqued yellow,' or 'muted lavender,' or 'grey-green.'

Why? Brighter colors tend to cast their shade onto the skin of those wearing them or those nearby,
like a kid's face resting on dad's shoulder. 

Gentlemen! If your shirt is an Oxford style length I politely (and strongly, hehe) suggest you bring a belt and tuck in your shirt. 
This is much, much more flattering than a long dress shirt. 
They do make button-downs that are shorter in length, so get one of those if you hate to tuck! 

Steer clear of collard shirts on kids under 2- especially polo shirts, as they're also pretty floppy on babies.
Your child doesn't quite have the length in their neck yet, and those collars cover too much. 

Fit is always very important. You need to feel comfortable and confident. 



You may have noticed that none of my collections include tax! 
This is because my business is registered in Florida, where photography is considered a service- and in the Sunshine State that means no sales tax. 
If I were to include a tangible item - even a USB drive - your entire session is required to be taxed.
For this reason, my galleries are digital, and attached to a professional printer, where you're ordering directly from them for prints.
If you would like to include a custom, heirloom album, I charge hourly for design work,
and then add on the cost of the album. Average investment is $1500. 

Prints (through your gallery):
4x6 - $2
5x7 - $3
8x10 - $7.50
11x14 - $12
16x20 - $35

Canvases (through your gallery):
16x24 - $200
20x30 - $275
24x36 - $350

Photo cards, set of 25 (through your gallery, blank inside):
5x7 folded - $85
5x7 flat - $65

Larger print products or other items are ordered through DGP for quality control, and quotes are custom.

The fine print

Because I reserve a date for your session, and decline other sessions once you’ve booked, by booking a session with DGP you are agreeing to the 40%  booking fee. 

This fee is non-refundable, and will be charged to your card if you cancel your session (or, if you pay in advance, your refund will be less the 40%).

Yes, you are allowed to download and print your images where you like- up to an 11x14.
However, the images you receive are professionally calibrated to high-end printers,
and will be greatly reduced in quality by ordering outside of your gallery (from printers such as CVS, Walmart, Shutterfly, & Target).  
If you print outside of the DGP gallery, your images could print pixelated or blurry, and it’s common with low-quality printers that colors bleed into each other.
DGP is not responsible for the quality of images ordered outside of your gallery.  

Your session includes basic editing and basic enhancements only.
Any additional editing/airbrushing you request, such as sunburn reduction, etc.., is billed at $35 per image, and must be paid for in advance.

You are not allowed to edit or alter your images in any way, including 'filters' (this is due to US IP laws, feel free to ask for details).

If you are late to your session time, DGP is not responsible to produce a full gallery of images.
You do have the option to reschedule, if DGP can accommodate you, for a $100 fee.
In the unlikely event DGP cannot accommodate rescheduling, you can choose between shooting what we can, or canceling &  paying the 40% booking fee. 

If you choose to pay with a credit card there is a 3.5% + .15c processing fee. 

Even though your gallery will be up for 10 years, DGP galleries are stored by another company, and you still need to download your images
(I recommend to two hard drives or storage devices).
DGP is not responsible for storing your images, and cannot promise to have them on file/stored for more than 1 year. 
DGP will use the images from your session for any and all marketing material, unless otherwise specified and agreed upon between client and DGP via email.